Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My apologies for not introducing myself in that last post. Creating this blog was a product of my grasping at straws and I guess I didn’t think it through before beginning it. I know that if any of you out there have the information that I am looking for, you probably won’t want to hand it out to a stranger on the internet. To try and convince you that I am not a psycho, let me tell you a little about myself and anything I already know about the letter that I included in the previous post.

My name is June Davis and I am attending Appalachian State University as a sophomore, studying to be a teacher. I am from a small town called Mayodan, the name coming from the joining of two rivers, the Mayo and Dan, in that area. I’m a sucker for that play on words and am guilty of using it frequently, hence the name of this blog. I have recently acquired a twitter account at the request of some nagging friends, and you can also contact me at I will stop there as I do not feel comfortable giving even that much information away here, but I’ll risk it to get the answers I am hoping for.

As for the letter, I stated in the last entry that it was from a childhood friend, Kyle Morrison. My memory of him is very vague, but the letter brought a few things back. We were a group of four kids, around ten years old, that used to play together after school. It would take some serious thought to remember the names of the other two children that Kyle and I played with. The letter mentions a baby bird that Kyle and I kept in a treehouse because my parents would never allow me any pets. No one else knew about it, which is what lead me to believe that the letter could be written by no one other than Kyle himself. The rest of the letter is a mystery to me, especially the drawing at the bottom.

I honestly cannot tell what the purpose of sending me this letter is, but both the letter and photo unsettle me to the point of needing to know why I have received them. As in my previous post, I ask that anyone who might be in contact with Kyle please help me to clear up this issue.


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